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Please be sure to read[F.A.Q]before asking any questions... Thank you! Pullip doll is a collective Korean doll. Want to know more, click on the left hand corner "Pullip and Friends"Or you can go to their Official website to learn more about them ☆.:*・☆ |
meet the blogger
  • Name: Kinza
  • Height: 5-2
  • Eye Color: Dark Brown
  • Birthday: March 16
  • Favorite color: Purple/Light Green/ Orange
  • Best school subject(s): Art,English
  • Mac or PC: PC
  • Current shirt color: Blue
  • Gamer?: Yes
  • Day or night: Night
  • Celebrity crush: none…
  • Coffee?: Yes
  • Favorite Food: Noodles

(Source: choke-on-glitter)